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Why is water transfer processing favored by people?
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Why is water transfer processing so popular? Next, we will make a detailed analysis of the reasons for this.

In the 21st century, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, it is no longer enough to print with ink. In order to make the world more colorful and the articles more beautiful, human beings have made continuous efforts. Finally developed an advanced technology - water transfer processing. The principle of water transfer processing is very simple, through the machine chemical elements, good-looking patterns reprint articles, with beautification and other expected effects, to create a new, better environment, enrich people's lives and more comfortable visual effects.

The original printing can only be used on flat objects, but concave and convex objects can not be printed, so that later, in order to pursue the effect of beauty, human beings developed watermark technology to replace the traditional printing and heat transfer printing.

After processing, water transfer processing can be applied to any object. Transfer color structure, flat water on the surface of the object and special chemical treatment of water pressure. Color and texture patterns can be transferred to the product surface. The film coating used in water transfer processing can be dissolved in water automatically. After washing and drying, it is a layer of transparent protective coating. After water transfer, the product will be transferred Has shown a different visual effect.

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