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Characteristics of water transfer printing
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According to the characteristics of water transfer printing, it can be divided into water drape transfer and water mark transfer.

1. Water coating transfer printing

The so-called water drape transfer printing refers to the decoration of all surfaces of objects, covering the true colors of the work pieces, and being able to print patterns on the whole surface (three-dimensional), which is its advantages; but its disadvantages are also obvious, that is, when the flexible graphic carrier is completely in contact with the substrate, it is inevitable to stretch and deform. Therefore, in fact, it is difficult to achieve the image and text transferred to the surface of the object True degree. Most of the printing images and texts of water transfer paper used for transfer printing are composed of ink blocks with decorative colors and simple repeated patterns, so it is unnecessary to print with fine photosensitive film; the water transfer film is mostly made of water-soluble film with good elasticity, and the transfer film used for three-dimensional transfer printing is not competent for transferring and copying small words and hierarchical images.

2. Water mark transfer

Water mark transfer is the process of transferring the pictures and texts on the transfer paper to the surface of the substrate completely. It is similar to the heat transfer process, but the transfer pressure depends on the water pressure. It is a popular water transfer technology recently, It can transfer graphic information in a small area on the surface of the substrate. The printing effect is similar to the pad printing process, but the investment cost is low and the operation process is relatively simple. It is very popular with users. The water mark transfer printing process does not need activator activation and avoids the pollution of organic solvents. It has obvious advantages in the production of handicrafts and decorations.

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